The idea

A high percentage of our garages or parking spaces usually has small dimension.
Such narrow spaces limit the parking of vehicles...


What's Parkino

Parkino is a automated parking device that facilitates and enables the parking of vehicles in narrow spaces such as garages or parking spaces. Besides, in larger spaces Parkino enables to park more vehicles in any parking space.

Versatile, solid, reliable and economic

Thanks to its versatility, Parkino is adaptable to any installation according to the dimension of the vehicle and of the spacing.
Parkino is easily installed without the need of any building alteration oe elctrical works and and its simply works by pluging into a thirteen amp socket.
Parkino has been designed built and strictly tested to assure the greatest reliability and versatility.
Parkino is in accordance with the European regulation.

how does this work?

Parkino is user friendly and uses a remote control with the functions forward, reverse and stop.